Wednesday 10/12

WORKOUT for Wednesday 10/12/2022

for time:
1000m row
50 thrusters, 10/15/20kg
30 pullups

If you’ve done JACKIE at least twice use this as an opportunity to establish a benchmark that you can retest in a few months. The ideal hiearchy:

a. kipping pullups
b. chest-to-bar pullups
c. 20 bar muscle-ups
d. 10 strict ring muscle-ups.

Can scale down to

a. jumping chest-to-bar
b. ring pullups
c. ring rows

Post time to whiteboard! Rx+ for c2b, SupeRx for bmu, SupeRx+ for rmu regardless of row/run/bike/etc.

ENGINE for Wed 10/12

7 sets
1:00 calorie row
1:00 heavy kettlebell goblet squat + lunge/side
1:00 rest

BODYBUILDING for Wed 10/12

each for time:
– 50 Z-press
– 60 dips
– 70 JM press
– 80 push press

Rest as needed between sets. Then

3 sets 12/12/12 DB delt raise 3 ways

3 sets max complex 1 crush-grip Romanian deadlift + 3 bent-over rows