This Week in Programming 11/21-11/26

We’re back to a new cycle for 5/3/1. Still sticking with front squats on Mondays and strict presses on Friday it’s time to apply your new estimated 1RM to your percentages. Remember that you should apply your training max (90% of actual 1RM) to the daily percentages to stay successful, and without overthinking.

For this holiday week we’re going to start the workout with an echo of last Friday’s “ANNIE” movement-wise, but rather than descending volume sets we’re going to give you bulk numbers of 300/200/100 and your goal is to chip away until it’s time to move onto the next skill. Remember: it’s probably a good idea to have your own jump rope. Don’t start with one of the expensive ones (the RPM community ropes at the gym are about $80/each)- you don’t need the tech which drives up that price.

On Wednesday, our Olympic weightlifting day, we’re working cleans and figuring out how to use our hips to get under and use our legs to drive the bar up. The conditioning piece introduces a new movement- don’t fret though, it’s easy to figure out. The challenge lies in your ability to adapt! Pair that with your pullups. Grips help for all hanging exercises. Bookmark that and add it to your wish list if you don’t have them.

We will be open this weekend as well! On Thanksgiving you’ll have a grand ol’ time with some brutal piece to keep your metabolism in check. On Native American Heritage Day we’ll race a 5k followed by some more Olympic weightlifting skill work. Saturday will be a barbell chipper in contrast to last Saturday’s body weight chipper.

We have one more month in the books for the remainder of this programming block, but also for 2022!

(See last week’s programming post here)