Monday 10/10

WORKOUT for Monday 10/10/2022

establish a back squat max in 20 minutes, then

“Almost CGO 20.1”

10 rounds for time:
8 ground-to-overhead, 29/43/61kg
10 burpee-over-bar

15:00 cap. Post max and time to whiteboard!

Read this if you want to get a jump on setting a new PR: Establishing a Max Lift

ENGINE for Mon 10/10

EMOM x 25
a. :40 calories- Choose one: bike, ski, row (in order of preference)
b. :40 single DB hang clean and jerk
c. :40 plank drag
d. :40 running single under
e. :40 DB half squat

The goal is to establish a good number of reps in :40 on the first round. In the second round the goal is to match the reps in the first. Repeat until you fall off then re-establish your numbers using the :40 work. You should always get a moment to breath before moving onto the next exercise. Push your effort a little harder knowing you’ll get a moment to rest before the rotation.

BODYBUILDING for Mon 10/10

3-4 rounds:
10 Pendlay rows
20 hip extensions
1:00 rest

2-3 rounds:
15 ring rows
15 lateral raises
1:00 rest

2-3 rounds:
20 DB hammer curls
10 crush-grip KB Romanian deadlift + bent-over row

Cash out with 100 band bicep curls as fast as possible