CGO 15.4 at FCF

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide online CrossFit competition and we’ve done it every year as a gym since its inception in 2011. This year we’re copying a fantastic idea from Catalyst Fitness’ Intramural Open idea… and I’m going to plagiarize the hell out of it! IT’S THAT GOOD OF AN IDEA.

CGO 15.3 at CFSLU

(Actually I’ll just their entire post and change the details as I see fit)

Our goals at Foundation: to educate and inspire. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring!

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

I’ve chosen four people to be Team Captains (who also chose another four to be Co-Captains). We will have a private draft and you’ll be put onto a team. These Teams will go through the Open which will ultimately lead us to our intergym throwdown VERSUS 8. Who will win the Golden Hammer?

CGO 14.4 at CFSLU


Registration for the Open can be done until 5pm on Monday 2/29 at, Choose Foundation CrossFit as your Affiliate.

CGO 14.3 at FCF


Coaches and the rest of the registered FCF fam will be ‘drafted’ onto an Intramural team. They won’t lose their spot on our Regional team, and their points will still count toward our Affiliate score worldwide, but we want to ensure even distribution of our most competitive athletes.

Once drafted onto a team you’ll be entered onto the public Team Rosters.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t registered for the CGO you’ll probably be courted by one of our Team Captains to join their team – probably more than one. Pick the most fun team!


+1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at Foundation each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors!

+1 Point – Podium: Top 3 males AND Top 3 female athletes on the leaderboard at Foundation for each workout (Rx Division only) gets an extra point for their team.

+1 Point – Pride: Wear any of our FCF/CFSLU gear during the Open Events on Saturdays and earn another point for your team!

+3 Points – Skills: If you perform your first-ever skill when grinding in a workout, your team will be awarded three extra points! Think chest-to-bar pullups, a new max snatch/CJ, handstand pushups, the elusive muscle-up, etc.

+3 Point – Personal Records: Been in the Open before and this week it’s a repeat of a past event? Set a PR and earn a 3-pointer for your team!

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: Who stands out and represents the spirit of Foundation CrossFi? The team with the most encouragement, noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 points per standout action.

+5 Points – Bonus: Who goes above and beyond, representing not just your team, but the community of Foundation CrossFit and the CrossFit philosophy? Earn 5 points for standing out to FCF HQ.

It’s possible to earn more points as we (FCF HQ) determine what things we want to see. This list is secret from all athletes and captains. Essentially this is like when the Hogwarts professors award (and take away) points to the houses.

Points will be awarded by FCF HQ after every event.

CGO 13.5 at CFSLU


Athletes competing in the Open will have only four days to complete each workout. We haven’t yet set our schedule for competition. The Open will have five workouts over five weeks, with the fifth week including VERSUS 8, where your team points entering the event may sway some things. Think about it this way: the Open is a sport season and VERSUS are the playoffs (and championship).

As usual, you can be tested at any CrossFit class on the predetermined CGO days, which are all day Friday, and the special 11am’s on Saturday. Make-ups are to be done on Sundays during our business hours. You’ll need to check in with the trainers on duty and have a certified judge with you to watch your work.

2012 at FCF


We’ll have some random draws each week for prizes, including gear, socks, water bottles, supplements like Vaper, clothing, training packages, and more! The top team will also earn a GRAND prize. Details released later!

2011 at FCF 3.0

Our focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you more fit, and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glow and glisten and stuff.

Register online at the CrossFit Games site, and let’s start this party!