SKILLS for Thursday 6/23/2022 is the CLEAN

CompEx for Thursday 6/23

barbell warmup, snatch complex, handstand/run conditioning, midline strength

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/23

SKILLS for Summer Solstice Tuesday 6/21/2022 is the DEADLIFT

CompEx for Tuesday 6/21

barbell warmup, clean complex, double under/odd object carry, shoulder finishers

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/21

YOGA for Sunday 6/19/2022

WORKOUT for Wednesday 6/15/2022

1:30 of work, :30 of rest
a. DB step-over, 2×20/35/50lbs to 12/20/24″
b. calorie row
c. wall walk

Repeat for five total cycles. Post total reps & calories completed to whiteboard!


SKILLS for Thursday 6/2/2022 is the SNATCH

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/2/2022


SKILLS for Tuesday 5/31/2022 is BENCH PRESS

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 5/31/2022

Also just in case you’re really beat up due to yesterday’s volume:

FOAM ROLLING for Tuesday 5/31/2022

SKILLS for Thursday 5/19/2022 is the DEADLIFT

CONDITIONING for Thursday 5/19/2022

Join us for yoga with IVAN.MVMT at 10am when you RSVP via PushPress for the Zoom meeting room info.

CONDITIONING for Sunday 5/15/2022

SKILLS for Thursday 5/12/2022 is BENCH PRESS

WORKOUT for Thursday 5/12/2022

SKILLS for Tuesday 5/10/2022 is the PRESS/JERK (Shoulder-to-overhead movements)

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 5/10/2022