The heat gives you a great opportunity to stretch to recover and increase your flexibility! Check out some of our follow-along stretching routines.

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/29/2021

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As Washington state approaches June 30th, the deadline to full reopen, we’ll be doing our best to continue providing our athletes the best experience possible.

When all athletes in a class are fully-vaccinated, meaning 100% of all those in the gym are at least two weeks out from their second Pfizer/Modera or single J&J, then that class can go MASK-OPTIONAL. If a class can be mask-optional, the coach will announce it during or after your warm-up. If there’s no announcement, then we are not at 100%. We still require masks upon entry to the gym.

When we believe we can increase class capacity due to high attendance, then we may move to a Single-Occupant Lane / Open-Lane format:
– SINGLE-OCCUPANT: one athlete per lane (A through E or 1 through 6).
– OPEN-LANE: no specific lanes (just as we operated before the pandemic), with athletes being mindful of physical distance.

There may be instances where both formats (Single-Occupant and Open-Lane Mask-Optional classes) can happen, so be mindful of the class format when you RSVP via PushPress and before attending.

CompEx will start this Saturday as a dual Single-Occupant/Open Lane and will continue this format moving forward, including Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/17/2021


EMOM x 21:00
– 21 (kettlebell) high pulls
– 14 (kettlebell-facing) burpees
– 14 (kettlebell) swings

Adjust the volume as needed depending on your equipment. Goal is to work just past the :30 mark of every minute, resting and catching your breath before the next minute’s exercises. Post results to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/15/2021

:30 work, :10 rest for 6 rotations:
– dead snatches
– shooter pushups/plank
– clusters
– Russian twists

immediately into max Devil’s press in 3 minutes

Post results to comments!

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GHOST puts out some of my favorite supplements on the market for two reasons:

1.) full-disclosure labels: this requires some knowledge and research to know what you’re putting in your body- and they’re not hiding anything.

2.) Awesome flavors- they licensed things out like Warheads candies, Sonics Drive-In, Welches Grape, Swedish Fish, Bubblicious, Chips Ahoy!, Sour Patch Kids, and their most popular protein flavor came from the Milk Bar cereal milk taste! They also offer Vegan options too.

If you’re interested in trying here’s a code for 20% on your first purchase. I like their protein and Size supplements. The BCAAs are great too if that’s important to you.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/10/2021


1:30 work, :30 rest
– deadlift
– hang power clean
– kneel-to-stand
– shoulder-to-shoulder

3 rounds for max total reps.

If you don’t have a sandbag you can fill up a duffle bag or back pack! Post results to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/8/2021

30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
– switch lunge
– goblet clean
– stiff-leg deadlift
– rack-switch push press

Repeat for 8 total cycles. Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 5/25/2021


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The 2019 MURPH athletes at Foundation

If you’re planning to participate in MURPH on Memorial Day, maybe bring your plate carrier/weight vest/ruck in so you can begin practicing movements as you’ll do them that Monday. Speaking of which, RSVPs for that day are already open!

We’ll have a set of 5 lanes as we currently run them, and another class with a cap of 10 which will not have dedicated lanes, but should respect social distancing rules.

WORKOUT for Monday 5/17/2021


Until told otherwise repeat the following:
250m row
20 air squats
10 pushups
5 pullups

Feel free to work on the basics like kipping, arch body, different stances. Also variations like pistols, chest-to-bar/muscle-ups, handstand pushups, etc.


Starting with an empty bar LIFT every minute on the minute for as long as possible
– begin with SNATCHES until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice
– move onto CLEANS until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice
– finish with DEADLIFTS until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice

Make sure the lifts happens on the beep, change weights immediately, then use the remainder of the interval to rest. Be mindful of jumps to allow yourselves plenty of reps as preparation. Chase solid technique and the weight will come!

Post heaviest loads for all three lifts to whiteboard/comments!

WATCH: Our weekly Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout

Do you have this kind of consistency?

Should the bottom-of-the-dip position match the actual receiving position of the push or power jerk?

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Monday 5/10/2021


Row until coach says otherwise. Movement patterns in your lanes!


20 rounds for time:
2 push press
3 front squats
5 chest-to-bar

Rx = 30/45/60kg, Rx+=40/55/70kg. Post times to whiteboard!

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Make sure you have your jump rope on you this week!

Better yet, why not sign up for a free cubby in the shop room where you can store your gym-specific gear? That way you don’t have to lug your stuff in every time.

Ask a coach about it next time you’re in.

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 4/27/2021


10-20-30-40-50 reps for time:
pogo hops
push press
reverse crunches

Ideally done with a bumper plate, but use whatever you’ve got! 20:00 time cap. Post time to comments!

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