WORKOUT for Saturday 1/1/2021


AMRAP in 26 minutes:
150 double unders
50 (hand-release) pushups
15 DB power cleans, 2x 20/35/50lbs

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We’re thankful to our all of our community both near and far who have helped Foundation Gym continue being a welcoming, inclusive, fun, and swole af family!

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We’re so happy and excited to see what 2022 brings for all of us, and for all the great things we’re bringing to you!

WORKOUT for December 31st, 2021


3 rounds for time of:
21 pull-ups
15 handstand push-ups
9 thrusters, 29/43/61kg

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Maybe you have a chance to hit a blackout like this one?

CONDITIONING for Thursday 12/30/2021

A great example of the “perfectly-vertical kettlebell swing”: the bell is perfectly-inverted, grip is tight to prevent a flip over, arms locked, arms stacked on shoulders, body line tight on flat feet.

WORKOUT for Wednesday 12/29/2021


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
2 muscle-ups
8 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 24/32kg

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We have more colors in and available at limited sizes and quantities- grab one (or more) while you can!

WORKOUT for Monday 12/27/2021

5 rounds for time:
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

or if you’ve done that more than thrice try

for time:
60 deadlifts
45 hang power cleans
30 push jerks

Rx = 30/45/70kg. Post time to whiteboard!

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YOGA for Sunday 12/26/2021

WORKOUT for Saturday 12/25/2021

Go for an hour-long walk, a 40-minute brisk/weighted walk, or a 20-minute run

AT-HOME OPTION for Saturday 12/25/2021

Classes only at 9am, 10am, and 11am today. We’re closed tomorrow!

See you Monday.

WORKOUT for Friday 12/24/2021


for time:
10-20-30 thrusters, 20/29/43kg
15-25-35 bar-facing burpees

This means you’ll start with 10 thrusters + 15 bar-facing burpees then 20 thrusters + 25 bar-facing burpees then finally 30 thrusters + 35 bar-facing burpees. The goal is an all-out sprint from start to finish. Sets as big as you can get but never hitting failure.

Post time to whiteboard!

Holiday Schedule

Thursday 12/23: Normal hours

Friday 12/24: 9am CrossFit, 10am CrossFit, 11am CrossFit

Saturday 12/25: CLOSED

Saturday 1/1: 9am CrossFit, 10am CrossFit, 11am CrossFit, 12pm Skills

SKILLS for Thursday 12/23/2021 is the SQUAT

CONDITIONING for Thursday 12/23/2021