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SKILLS for Thursday 9/22/2022 is the PRESS, PUSH PRESS, and JERK

MOBILITY for Thurs 9/22

SKILLS for Tuesday 8/30/2022 is the CLEAN

Gymnastics for Tues 8/30

EMOM x 12:00
4 k2e + 3 t2b + 2/1 pullover

Mobility for Tues 8/30

SKILLS for Thursday 8/25/2022 is the SNATCH

CONDITIONING for Thurs 8/25

MOBILITY for Thurs 8/25:

SKILLS for Saturday 8/20/2022 is BENCH PRESS

WORKOUT for Sat 8/20

21-15-9-15-21 reps for time:
calorie row
wall ball, 8/14/20lbs

Partner option is double reps! Post times to whiteboard.


SKILLS for Tuesday 8/16/2022 is the SQUAT

Gymnastics for Tues 8/16

E2MOM x 8 rounds: 6 SHSPU + 12 pistols + 18 shoulder taps (or 20′ HSW)

then levers and muscle-up work

CONDITIONING for Tues 8/16

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SKILLS for Saturday 8/13/2022 is the CLEAN

WORKOUT for Sat 8/13

(in teams of 4)

4 rounds for time:
80 calorie row
40 partner deadlifts, 40/70/100kg
200m barbell “boat” carry

Post teammates and times to whiteboard!


SKILLS for Tuesday 7/26/2022 is the DEADLIFT


Gymnastics for Tues 7/26

still rings, handstand shaping, headstands, handstand walking, core

CONDITIONING for Tues 7/26

WORKOUT for Monday 7/25/2022

for time:
21-15-9-15-21 thrusters
42-30-18-30-42 unbroken double unders

Modify to penguin jumps or 2x single unders. Post time to whiteboard.


WORKOUT for Friday 7/22/2022

every minute on the minute for 40 minutes:
a. 25 (UB) double unders
b. 20 box jump over
c. 15 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 12/16/24kg
d. 10 dumbbell split jerks, 2×20/35/50lbs
e. 5+ bar muscle-ups

Post results to whiteboard!

Gymnastics for 7/22

Crawling, back bends, and bar skills like the underbars above

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SKILLS for Saturday 7/2/2022 is BENCH

WORKOUT for Saturday 7/2

100-70-40 reps for time:
partner wall ball, 8/14/20lbs
alternating MB situp, 8/14/20lbs
partner deadlift, 50/70/100kg

Partner A runs 400m before the wall ball, Partner B runs 400m before the MB situp, both partners must run 400m together before the deadlifts.

Post time to whiteboard!