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WORKOUT for Friday 7/1/2022

3 rounds for time:
36 burpees
24 pullups
12 thrusters, 30/50/70kg

Post time to whiteboard!


SKILLS for Saturday 7/2/2022 is BENCH

WORKOUT for Saturday 7/2

100-70-40 reps for time:
partner wall ball, 8/14/20lbs
alternating MB situp, 8/14/20lbs
partner deadlift, 50/70/100kg

Partner A runs 400m before the wall ball, Partner B runs 400m before the MB situp, both partners must run 400m together before the deadlifts.

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SKILLS for Thursday 6/30/2022 is PRESSING

CompEx for Thursday 6/30

barbell warmup, snatch complex, handstand walking drills, HSW/bmu/OHS conditioning

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/30

WORKOUT for Wednesday 6/29/2022

for time:
400m run
40 line-facing burpees
20 knees-through-elbows
10 DB devil’s press, 2×20/35/50lbs
800m run
10 DB devil’s press
20 chest-to-bar pullups
40 line-facing burpees
400m run

Compare/contrast to Mon 6/6/2022. Post time to whiteboard!


SKILLS for the Tuesday 6/28/2022 is the SQUAT

GYMNASTICS for Tuesday 6/28

PNF stretching, still ring work, false-grip strength, headstand intervals

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/28

F*CK BANS ACTION PLAN – Vote Save America

WORKOUT for Monday 6/27/2022

4 rounds for time:
15 push jerks, 29/43/61kg
50 air squats

No push presses, no power jerks, no split jerks. Dip/drive/drop with the feet in the same position the entire time.

Post time to whiteboard.


Join us at 10am for YOGA with IVAN.MVMT when you RSVP via PushPress for meeting room info. Come stretch and flow and relax.

CONDITIONING for Sunday 6/26/2022

SKILLS for Saturday 6/25/2022 is the SQUAT

PARTNER WORKOUT for Saturday 6/25

for time:
100 burpees
200 air squats
3000m row
400m partner run
50 Devil’s press, 2×20/35/50lbs

You can choose the order of exercises! One athlete working at a time, other than the PARTNER 400m run. Post time to whiteboard.

WORKOUT for Friday 6/24/2022


for time:
45 deadlifts, 2×12/16kg KBs or 2×20/35lbs DBs
90′ bear crawl (15′ intervals)
45 box jump overs, 12/20″
60 hanging leg raise
45 box jump overs, 12/20″
90′ bear crawl
45 deadlifts


for time:
45 deadlifts, 2×16/24kg KBs or 2×35/50lbs DBs
90′ HS walk (15′ intervals)
45 box jump overs, 20/24″
60 toes-to-bar
45 box jump overs, 20/24″
90′ HS walk
45 deadlifts

30:00 cap. Post time to whiteboard!


SKILLS for Thursday 6/23/2022 is the CLEAN

CompEx for Thursday 6/23

barbell warmup, snatch complex, handstand/run conditioning, midline strength

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/23