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CONDITIONING for Monday 2/1/2021


Max reps in 7 Minutes of
30 jumping jacks
20 (weighted) dips
10 Devil’s presses

If you have the room and equipment for it, try double unders in place of the jumping jacks. Single dumbbell would be easiest for both the weighted dips and the Devil’s presses. Share score to comments!

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You’ve heard the spiel before: your hip flexors are tight due to the sitting we do all day. These tissues tighten up due to not moving around, or by not being challenge to their fullest (strength and range of motion) regularly.

The psoas is a muscle that joins the upper half (specifically the lower spine) of the body to the lower half of the body (pelvis). This muscle is part of a group of muscles that are responsible for hip flexion- think of picking your knee up for walking, running, or jumping. Also squats and lunges and more.

We do our best to take care of it and undo all the sitting through hip stretches like the long lunge, Samson stretch, chair/sofa stretch, and simply by standing completely in all of our exercises whenever hip extension is in demand.

You may have seen me bring the PSO-RITE* to the gym. Maybe you’ve tried it- it’s awesome because you can self-manipulate these tissues on your own. Think of going to a massage therapist as they have multiple tools to their arsenal: the macro forearm (foam roller*), the medium palm (lacrosse ball*), and the micro fingertips (Theracane*), depending on needs. The fins on the Pso-Rite act as the blade of a hand formed by the fingertips.

That said you could also use this on the inside of the scap, the back, quads, calves, really anything that needs a sturdy, firm hand.

*These are affiliate links that don’t add any cost to you.

YOGA for Sunday 1/31/2021

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AT-HOME WORKOUT for Sunday 1/31/2021

REMINDER: Our Zoom KETTLEBELL CLASS is back on the schedule- Mondays at 6pm!

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 1/30/2021

:30 on, :10 off
– Deficit Reverse Lunge
– Ground-to-Overhead
– Russian Twist
– Bump-Facing Burpee
– Calf Raise

Repeat for 3 total rotations.

EMOM do 1-2–1 reps x 5 rounds

DEADLIFT every 90 seconds do 2-3 reps for 15 minutes
– Focus on maximum tension before the pull. TIGHT! If the pull isn’t silent, the tension wasn’t there.
– Double overhand and hook-grip the entire time. Let’s get the thumbs conditioned for this.

50 strict presses for time. Every break do 5 bar-facing burpees
– The barbell starts on the ground, no rack for the workout.
– Can rest overhead or in rack position, but anything else results in a 5 burpee penalty.
– Bar should be loaded to approx 50% of a 1RM. Can also do 45/30/20kg.

Post results to comments!

HIIT for Saturday 1/30/2020

Support local and go see our neighbors at Pettirosso. If you’ve been taking any classes we’ve handed these out to you. If you’re not currently taking classes come grab one during any of the equipment rental times!


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Each card has some extra info on the back, including the card’s number and a place for your name (not valid until written in!)

CONDITIONING for Friday 1/29/2021


WATCH: 14-Year-Old Benches 405lbs!

Two weeks ago Tony and I were surprised by our lovely community!

Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve transitioned to a weekly team meeting on Wednesday evenings. For this particular meeting no one but Dave was on and to be honest I was heated- no notifications prior and I had tons of information to share as we were in the reopening phase of classes.

I had just finished lifting and Tony was sitting in the office (the only place with a heater in here). Ron popped onto Zoom and it looked like he was outside in the courtyard with the fireplace. He invited both of us out, but we were both like “NO WAY! It’s way too f*cking cold outside.”. He nodded his head and tried again: “You should really come outside here for the meeting.”

Sounded weird, but we got the message.

Tony and I went out and were surprised by the rest of the team out there, and a table full of Rogue Fitness Slam Balls! A gift for us that’s really a gift for all of you- all I’ll program moving forward is slam balls! 😁😁😁

Not only that, but we received a check representing the $1450 donated on our behalf to Lambert House, a local community center for LGBTQIA+ youth.

What an incredible gesture by athletes and friends both new and old (like, really old)! We couldn’t have possibly guessed what was going on and were more than pleasantly suprised.

From both Tony and I we’d like to thank everyone who was a part of this, especially Ron & Miles for coordinating all of it.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 1/28/2021

:30 on, :10 off
– deficit reverse lunge
– ground-to-overhead
– russian twist
– bump-facing burpee
– calf raise

Repeat for 3 total rounds!

Pullup Ladder: E2MOM do 1-2-3-2–1 reps x2 rounds

BENCH every 90 seconds do 5 reps (ascending in weight) x8
– Focus on contact point being lower than they think (sternum/top abs)
– Actively “breaking the bar” turns the lats on, preventing a shrugging of the shoulders for better stability on the bench.
– Challenge: Max unbroken pullups between sets

AMRAP in 12:00
20 situps
10 OH lunges, L
10 OH lunges, R

Modify so you can complete several rounds quickly and without rest. It should tax your legs and midline while challenging your overhead flexibility. Can also use the weight as an anchor for the situp OR for loading the situp. Preferably a 24/16/8kg KB -or- a 50/35/20lbs DB.

REMINDER: We moved the journals to the back, before your enter to the cubby area. You can ask coaches to grab your journals for recording purposes, otherwise leave a comment with your results!

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Kelsi & Kellie

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 1/27/2021


AMRAP in 10:00
5 ground-to-overhead
10 front squats
15 pushups

Rest 3:00 then

AMRAP in 10:00
10 shoulder-to-overhead
20 deadlifts
30 lunges

Ideally done with a pair of dumbbells. Post both individual scores to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 1/26/2021


3 total rotations (or about 10:00) of :30 work, :10 rest
– deficit reverse lunge
– bumper ground-to-overhead
– Russian twist
– bumper-facing burpee
– calf raise


a. Pullup Ladder: EMOM do 1-2-1 reps x4 rounds, as strict as possible.

b. every 90 seconds do 3 thrusters (ascending in weight) x 8 sets. Max L-sit in between sets if you want a challenge.


100 reps each, for time:
– hang power snatches, 30/20/PVC
– push presses, 30/20/PVC
– sumo deadlift high pulls, 30/20/PVC
– front squats, 30/20/PVC

Choose a weight that is appropriately light and plan to break each exercise into multiple sets. Like with her cousin ANGIE, the goal for ANDI is TIME, so take short breaks that allow continuous movement. Don’t write-off the PVC, especially if you haven’t been in the overhead shape for some time.

REMINDER: We moved the journals to the back, before your enter the cubby area. Athletes can ask coaches to grab their journals for recording.


Each a minute, doing all on the left side before the right: Quad stretch/roll, glute stretch/roll, lat stretch/roll, tricep stretch/roll

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CONDITIONING for Monday 1/25/2021


max reps in 7:00
10-20-30-40-etc of
– penguin jumps
– crunches
– reverse crunches

Post score to comments!

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We have YOGA at 10am on Zoom with IVAN.MVMT

RSVP via PushPress for detaisl.

AT-HOME WORKOUT for Sunday 1/24/2021


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IN-GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 1/23/2021


E2MOM do 1-2-3-2–1 pullups, as strict as possible, for TWO rounds

As a group HANG as long as possible for 7:00- every break do one round of 5 pullups + 10 pushups + 15 slam ball + 20 lunges.


EMOM do 3 power cleans for TEN ROUNDS.


Every 2:00 on the minute for 30:00
a. 60 bumper hops (double unders if you have a jump rope)
b. 40 mountain climbers
c. 20 Z-press with bumper
d 10 ground-to-overhead, 20/35/50kg

Choose a bumper plate for both the hops and Z-presses. Whatever thickness you use for the hops should be determined what you can press out for the prescribed number of reps. Ideally use a barbell for the ground-to-overhead. Mountain climbers should be done with knees-to-arm without touching the ground.


Calf stretch: 1:00/side
Elevated Samson stretch :30/side twice

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