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WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/28/2022

as many reps as possible in 14 minutes:
200m run
4 bar muscle-ups
6 dumbbell (squat) snatches, 20/35/50lbs

Score is total reps completed (runs don’t count as any reps).

ENGINE for Wed 9/28

2:00 stations, :30 rest
– prowler push/pull
– single DB Devil’s press
– double KB shoulder-to-overhead

Repeat for three rounds


50 banded pull aparts, 50 banded good mornings, 50 banded hammer curls
2×10 bent over row
2×12 cheat DB curls
2×16 Gorilla row
2×20 tall muscle snatch
2×21’s barbell bicep curl
2×24 twisting Zottman curl

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Who misses this obscure HSPU standard?

WORKOUT for Wednesday 1/12/2021

“Kinda CGO 17.4”

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
55 deadlifts, 53/72/104kg
55 wall ball, 10/14/20lbs
55 calorie row

If a retest, do 13 minutes and proper weights. Compare to 2/27/2021, 3/17/2017, and 1/17/2017. Post score to whiteboard!

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Yoga at 10am on Zoom! RSVP via PushPress for meeting room info!

CONDITIONING for Sunday 3/7/2021

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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 1/21/2020

bench press: bar/10, 40/5, 50/5, 60/5, 70/5, 70/5, 70/5+

5 rounds, each for time:
500m row
24 toes-to-bar
12 (6/6) dumbbell hang clean & jerk, 50/35lbs

Rest exactly 2:00 between rounds. Post slowest & fastest rounds to whiteboard. Post-workout should be 20 scorpions on the belly, then another 20 on the back so that we can wring out that spine.

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In most sports and activities coaches should have developed short and concise cues with their athletes as specific reminders to execute when needed.


One that gets some eye roll for some reason in the Olympic Weightlifting community is “REACH!” as it’s not as specific with direction or what the athlete should be activating.

We’d prefer a cue like “push back” if lacking upper back activation, “head through” if missing alignment, or “keep pushing” if arms or shoulders looked weak.

What do you think of when locking out overhead?

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/9/2020

EMOM power snatch + OHS/snatch balance
0:00-3:00 use 70% of max power snatch
4:00-7:00 use 75% of max power snatch
8:00-12:00 use 80% of max power snatch

the 10:00 to establish a heavy back/front/overhead squat.

Share loading to whiteboard. Post-workout should be banded back extensions and Pigeon supersets.

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Ready to hit the ground running in 2020?

The start of every year we have most people going in with a ton of resolutions that never get actually addressed.

Here are some random notes we have for 2020:
– Continue looking at the blog for relevant gym content. We will have a post every day: find the workout of the day, the ideal post-workout plan, informational and educational posts that may or may not contain hints of what the future holds in the gym, and more, featuring you, our incredible community.
– Our next FOUNDATIONS On-Ramp begins this Tuesday 1/14 and ends on 2/8. The next program after won’t be until March (3/3 to 3/28). Tell your friends or send them here.
– We’re beginning Week 7 of 8 with our Strict Pullup Ladder. We plan to continue this with just raw numbers, applied to any “high skill” you want to work on: more pullups, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, handstand walking, single leg squats, toes-to-bars, double unders, etc. We will share the numbers on the blog so that you can continue your practice at home/elsewhere. Rather than a static MWF split, we’ll just go every other day so that you can experience a more dense volume of practice more often.
– When you see a prescription (ex: 61/43/29kg, 20/14/10lbs to 10/9/9′, 2×50/35/20lbs) see it as Advanced/Intermediate/Novice as far as “CrossFit” standards are concerned. As CrossFit HQ had way back in the day there was no scaling for any gender- you just loaded appropriately to your skill level. Competitive CrossFit standards kind of changed that. If you’re not competitive there numbers are mere suggestions.
– We have plans for a Nutrition Challenge coming up by February.
– Current programming should be reflecting what a lot of people are getting into outside of the gym: SNOW SPORTS! We’ll be focusing on leg and hip stamina for all the skiiers, snowboarders, and hikers! Not to mention tons of midline and rotational work in the warm up phases of classes.
– Team Workouts have been eliminated from Saturdays for the time being. They’ll be back in a different capacity (and day!) in February. As always, at any time, you can turn any workout into a team workout.
– Foundation Barbell classes are back with our two tracks of development: Powerlifting (the slow lifts of squats, presses, and deadlifts) and Olympic Weightlifting (the fast lifts of the snatch, clean, and jerk). We will program towards peaking for local competition. Any member with a CrossFit has access to these classes and can take them for skill development. If the competitions interest you then you can stick primarily with these classes for better specificity.

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 1/4/2020

5 rounds for time:
200m run
12 push/press, 52/38/25kg

Rest exactly 4:00 then

30 db ground-to-overhead, 2×50/35/20lbs

Share overall time to whiteboard.

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SLIPS clinic tomorrow at 10am!

Community Class at 12pm!

CrossFit WOD for Friday 7/19

every minute on the minute for 10:00
3 snatches -OR- clean & jerks, 61/43kg or 70% of 1RM


every minute on the minute for 15:00
2 snatches -OR- clean & jerks, 70/50kg or 80% of 1RM

Post attendance to whiteboard!


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RUN CLUB is back Wednesdays at 6:30pm! Everyone is welcome- we cater to all levels of endurance.


Monday 6/10

6×10 push press, then

AMRAP in 12:00
9 chest-to-bar pullups
18 box jump overs, 24/20″

AMRAP in 12:00
2/1 legless rope climbs
12 box jumps, 36/24″

Tuesday 6/11

5 rounds for time:
400m run
30 db lunges, 50/35lbs
30 db deadlifts (R), 50/35lbs
30 db deadlifts (L), 50/35lbs
100 double unders
30 db swings

Wednesday 6/12 – Run Club is back at 6:30pm!

  • pause back squat 5×5 at 70-75% of 1RM
  • tabata front squat, 52/38kg
  • 30 muscle-ups for time

Thursday 6/13

100 bar-facing burpees for time. EMOM perform 5 power cleans, 61/43kg

Friday 6/14

AMRAP in 20:00:
1 strict pull-up, 2 push-ups, 3 squats
2 strict pull-ups, 4 push-ups, 6 squats
3 strict pull-ups, 6 push-ups, 9 squats

Start at a higher round if you think it will allow you to complete more reps in the 12 minutes—e.g., 5-10-15, then 6-12-18, then 7-14-21, etc.

Saturday 6/15

YGIG for max score in 30:00
500m row
100 single unders
max hang snatches, 43/29kg

Sunday 6/16

Fight Gone Bad protocol

3 rounds: 1:00 intervals of 5 exercises, with 1:00 break after.


We’re in Week 2 of programming. Olympic Weightlifting will focus on proper sequencing and timing at heavier loading. Powerlifting is in the Volume Phase of this cycle.


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In CrossFit conditioning workouts, where maximum work is valued over absolute loading, it’s important to utilize technique that allows for that. Sometimes that means you have to change up traditional technique to complete the work goal.

In the traditional “classic clean & jerk”, the goal is to lift the heaviest load from the ground to the shoulders, then from the shoulder to a stable overhead standing position.

In a CrossFit conditioning workout, the most efficient way to satisfy the standard (“ground-to-shoulder-to-overhead”) is to bypass the rest at the shoulders by launching straight into the jerk from the receiving position of the clean.

Try it out!


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CrossFit WOD for Friday 8/24

CGO 17.1

for time:
50-40-30-20-10 alternating dumbbell snatches, 50/35lbs
15 burpee box jumps, 24/20″

Compare to. Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

1x/week athletes: snatch max
2x/week athletes: snatch max on Day 1, clean & jerk on Day 2
3x/week athletes: snatch max on Day 1, clean & jerk max on Day 2, snatch and clean & jerk max on Day 3

Powerlifting WOD

strict press max
deadlift max