Programming in Preview: 12/5-12/10

Need some mobility to check-in with your body before the start of the new week?

MOBILITY for Sunday 12/4/2022

Now onto programming!

Monday we’ll see how much those EMOM weightlifting complexes have been paying off with a dumbbell conditioning version after our 5/3/1 week. The next two weeks we max out the front squat.

Wednesday, our weightlifting day, we’ll try some power snatches into some overhead squats. The conditioning is pullups, burpees, and perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings in a 20 minute AMRAP

Friday is another rowing time trial alongside some double dumbbell hang snatch/lunge intervals.

On Saturday you’ll deadlift a heavy triple then try the FLIGHT SIMULATOR workout so make sure you have a jump rope handy!

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