Our goal for the 19.3 weekend was 35,000 points… we achieved 35,010! 😚💨 Phew, close one!

35,000 was a big goal, and triple points helped us get there. Great show of Seattle pride, everyone!

Because of your spirit, we’ve unlocked a special addition to the FCF Wrap-Up party on Saturday 3/23… Chipotle catering!

Click here to RSVP now!
We’ll make sure we get enough guac for all!

What could be better than celebrating five weeks of hard work than with the full Chipotle menu delivered right to us? Perhaps if a keg were involved?? Well guess what, fam… that’s an unlock for 19.4!

(No keg stands, please)

THEME FOR CGO WEEK 4: St. Patty’s Day!

Wear your greenest of greens! Here’s how we’ll make it to 45,000 point goal to unlock the keg!

  • Work out during our Saturday throwdown (30 points). The more the merrier! RSVP and show up at 9am to get signed up on the heat board. First heat starts at 9:30am.
  • Judge your fellow athletes (30 points). It’s not too late to take the judges course (100 points)! It’s also valid for October’s Open, so you’ll get twice the use out of the one course.
  • Wear the THEME OF THE WEEK (30 points with multiplier): GREEN! Bring on the luck of the Irish. Every piece of apparel you wear that has a hint of green will multiply your Theme score! 1x/2x/3x/4x/etc! How many multipliers can you get??
  • Get social (30 points). Share your story/photo on social media and tag #HYFRsquad.
  • Represent FCF (10 points): Wear any FCF apparel during your Open workout.
  • Food + friends (10 points): Bring a snack to share with your fellow athletes!