The 12 Days of CrossFit

BRING-A-FRIEND CROSSFIT CLASS tomorrow at Noon! Bring something for DESC Donations please.

CrossFit WOD for Friday 12/13

“12 Days of CrossFit”
perform the following in cumulative song format, for time:
100m sprint
2 bear crawls, 30′
3-second handstand
4 dumbbell clean & jerks
5 dive-bomber push-ups
6 knees-to-elbows
7 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
8 hanging leg-raises
9 ring dips
10 squat thrusts
11 pullups
12 rocking pistols

Done at least once every mid-December! 43:00 time cap. Post time to whiteboard!

Post-workout: Hit the Elevated Samson Stretch for :90+/side twice. Then a standard Samson stretch for :60/side.

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