SESSION for Tasty Tuesday 5/12/2020


a. accumulate 30 quality pike leg lifts

b. 7:00 of Useful Jump Rope Exercises


every 4:00 for 3 rounds
40 weighted alternating step-ups
40 lunges*

*1st set are forward lunges, 2nd set are reverse lunges, 3rd set are curtsy lunges

Rest remainder of time and immediately go into

every 3:00 for 4 rounds
40 double unders
40 crunches

*1st set are weight-on-chest crunches, 2nd set is weight-over-chest crunches, 3rd set is weighted-over-chest + dolphin kicks, 4th set is weighted situp


2:00 Couch Stretch per leg TWICE

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

60 Bent Rows (light)
50 Curls
40 Sitting Z-Press
30 Sitting Triceps Extension
20 Laying Lat Raises

Rest 1:00 then repeat for another round.

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute x5 do 1-2-1 of your best handstand pushups or progressions

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