Wednesday 8/12


CONDITIONING for Wednesday 8/12/2020

3-5 rounds of :40 on, :20 rest
a. front lunges
b. v-ups
c. jumping lunges
d. weighted situp
e. goblet squat
(f. 2 min rest)

Workout goes :40 front lunges, :20 rest, :40 v-ups, :20 rest, :40 jumping lunges, :20 rest, :40 weighted situps, :20 rest, :40 goblet squats, :20 rest + 2:00 rest. Post results to comments!

– As there is quite a lot of rest in this workout the idea is to keep the intensity high.
– Doubled tabata = longer sets but longer rests. Remember tabata is supposed to be true full work the entire interval, no stopping early & no pacing for maximum benefit. 
– Very leg-biased but push the pump!
– Weighted equipment preferred but this can be done with a lighter odd-object if necessary
– Use this timer:

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