Thursday 11/12/2020 – ELLE DRIVER

In 2013 we held a surprise farewell workout with our friends at CrossFit Advantage to celebrate and sendoff Lori who was leaving for deployment. We held it at our 2nd location (CrossFit SLU, RIP) and it was a fun night of fitness and friends.

CONDITIONING for Throwback Thursday 11/12/2020 (At-Home)


3 rounds for time:
30 toe taps
20 hang clean & jerks
10 pogo burpees

Toe taps should be done on the object you’re lifting: the bumpers on the barbell, the upright kettlebell, or a dumbbell in the tallest orientation. Pogo burpees should also be done over the object. Post time to comments!

CONDITIONING for Throwback Thursday 11/12/2020 (In-Gym)

Kinda 201107

for time:
1000m row
50 alternating DB (squat) snatches
750m row
40 alternating DB (squat) snatches
500m row
30 alternating DB (squat) snatches

Share time to comments!

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