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Throughout the next five weeks we’ll be running a special weekly 10am-12pm FCF Intramural Open Event for those competing in the Open and the #FCFio2017.

Instead of our usual Saturday schedule we will have an 8am and 9am CrossFit classes for those who just want to sweat.

There will also be a special 9am “OPEN PREP” class with me for the next five Saturdays. This optional class is designed to breakdown the workout, strategize your work and rest sets, and provide you a relevant warmup.

Remember to RSVP for all of your classes!


+ CrossFit Open 14.5 Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks – CrossFit Portland

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 2/23

bench press 3x6x70, then

3 rounds for time:
7 hang power cleans, 70/48kg
14 burpees over the bar

Performance does 5 rounds. Post time to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


30 min AMRAP:

500m row
10 front squats
10 push presses
10 bent over rows
10 weighted lunges
10 sit-up + press