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SKILLS for Thursday 9/1/2022 is the SQUAT

CompEx AM for Thurs 9/1

A. Warmup flow (cardio/banded squats/cardio/wall slides/cardio/DEEP squats)

B. 5×2 tempo squats

C. snatch progressions, 8 sets building

CompEx PM for Thurs 9/1

A. EMOM x 20:00

(even) 20-35 UB double unders
(odd) 9 deadlifts + 6 hang power cleans + 3 push jerks, building in weight

B. for 5 total cycles

2:30 on, 2:30 off
10/15/20 calories
20 box jump overs
max chest-to-bar pullups

C. for time

35 thrusters
25 power clean & jerks
15 overhead squats
25 power snatches
35 thrusters

Rx = 20/35/50kg

Send out positive vibes to Andrew S who is competing at the USA Weightlifting’s American Open Series II in Albequrque, NM.

He’ll be lifting tomorrow at 12pm in the -73kg Men’s D Session on the RED platform.

Click here to watch the action!

CrossFit WOD for Friday 7/26

for time:
40 deadlifts, 90/65kg
30 front squats, 80/55kg
20 hang cleans, 70/45kg
10 (full) snatch, 60/35kg

Compare and contrast to Monday. Post time to whiteboard.


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