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This week’s agenda is INTENSITY! Weighted carries/kb swings/burpees, back squats, double under/snatch complex/air squats, rack pulls, double unders/weighted situps, power clean/thruster sprint, Individual Event 1 from the 2017 Cascade Classic, and team conga lines.

There will be no Sunday WOD as we will be hosting OUT//Seattle! For you guys, it’s essentially a smaller version of VERSUS, with a lot of guests in our home gym. You can play too! You do have to register for the event though: do that here.


+ Lay Off the Almond Milk, You Ignorant Hipsters – Mother Jones

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10/16

Bring It Around the Block

4 rounds for time:
400m weighted carry, 32/24kg
30 kettlebell swings, 32/24kg
20 burpees

Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

snatch balance complex, snatch complex, back squats, bent over rows, weighted v-ups, box jumps, back extensions

Powerlifting WOD – Week 2/5, Day 1/4

Max Effort Upper: floor press 12×1, Tate presses, JM presses, banded pull aparts, banded tricep pushdowns, plank shoulder taps

Kettlebell WOD

Primal movement, Mobility, Turkish Getup focus, Swings to finish