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CONDITIONING for Wednesday 3/24/2021


tabata squats
tabata dips
tabata v-ups
tabata pushups
tabata burpees

Rest 1:00 between exercises. Remember: the original intention for tabata intervals is to go full effort each time you’re supposed to work, not a strategy in hitting a specific number. Especially when these exercises are all bodyweight.

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You’ve heard the spiel before: your hip flexors are tight due to the sitting we do all day. These tissues tighten up due to not moving around, or by not being challenge to their fullest (strength and range of motion) regularly.

The psoas is a muscle that joins the upper half (specifically the lower spine) of the body to the lower half of the body (pelvis). This muscle is part of a group of muscles that are responsible for hip flexion- think of picking your knee up for walking, running, or jumping. Also squats and lunges and more.

We do our best to take care of it and undo all the sitting through hip stretches like the long lunge, Samson stretch, chair/sofa stretch, and simply by standing completely in all of our exercises whenever hip extension is in demand.

You may have seen me bring the PSO-RITE* to the gym. Maybe you’ve tried it- it’s awesome because you can self-manipulate these tissues on your own. Think of going to a massage therapist as they have multiple tools to their arsenal: the macro forearm (foam roller*), the medium palm (lacrosse ball*), and the micro fingertips (Theracane*), depending on needs. The fins on the Pso-Rite act as the blade of a hand formed by the fingertips.

That said you could also use this on the inside of the scap, the back, quads, calves, really anything that needs a sturdy, firm hand.

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YOGA for Sunday 1/31/2021

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AT-HOME WORKOUT for Sunday 1/31/2021

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Monday 10/19/2020


tabata intervals of
– squats
– dips
– v-ups
– pushups
– burpees

Can do the holds mentioned in the video to scale this workout up to a more advanced version. Otherwise the goal is all-out efforts every :20 work interval.

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