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Everyone’s favorite piece of workout equipment

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Tuesday 3/16/2021

a. Preparation

Early: row then another 4 minutes working on stroke rates at 24, 28, 32, and 36
27 squat warmup
27 pushup warmup
27 kb deadlift warmup

b. Stamina

Then 50 pullups (of any sort) for time. 6:00 time limit.

c. MetCon

for time:
60 alternating DB snatch
40 box jump, 8/12/20″
20 bar muscle-ups
40 box jump
60 DB hang clean & jerks

Do 5 HC&J per side before alternating. Post time to your journals/the whiteboard.

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Elbows “high and outside” is a powerful posterior exercise that develops strength in the biceps tendon, the biceps, all parts of the deltoids (shoulder caps), and the traps. This helps undo “tech neck”, but also helps develop better strength and coordination in the olympic lifts.

Commonly used in body building the high-pull, or upright row, can develop hypertrophy in the yoke area, keeping it strong and healthy. It’s also good for our athletes as that’s the place you rack a barbell for a back squat- the more meat for cushion, the better!

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 2/24/2021

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