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April 2017 Foundations Graduates

With more class options! Let’s break it down:

CrossFit – our ongoing strength & conditioning classes based on constantly-varied functional movements executed at a relatively-high intensity. Offered seven-freaking-days-a-week.

Olympic Weightlifting – development of proficiency and power in the olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk). Offered M/W/F and soon to be Saturday.

HellaFit – our answer to boot-camp: conditioning (cardio + muscular stamina) workouts with more simplistic movements. Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kettlebell – for better kinesthetic awareness and mastery of strength, power, and stamina using the kettlebell. Offered M/W/F evenings.

Gymnastics Strength – classic core conditioning, flexibility, and bodyweight control are worked in these early-morning classes. Offered Tues/Fri mornings.

Mobility – the intention of these classes is on understanding better protocols for achieving better flexibility, movement/mobility, and recovery practices. Offered Tues/Thurs/Sun.

Competitive Exercise – also known as CompEx, this class is designed for those who are bit more competitive in the CrossFit atmosphere, or for those ready for more volume that you can get in a CrossFit class. Offered two times a weekend.


+ Introducing… Dave H! – Foundation CrossFit

“ISABEL” in less than 60 seconds:

CrossFit WOD for Monday 4/31


6 cycles of :40 on, :20 off
double unders
front lunges, 43/29kg
straight-leg situps
sumo deadlift high-pull, 43/29kg

Fitness / Health

6 cycles of :40 on, :20 off
single unders
hand-release perfect pushups
kettlebell front lunges, 24/16kg
ab-mat situps
kettlebell sumo deadlift high-pull, 24/16kg

Post each of the five exercise scores to the whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 6, Day 1 (of an 8-week cycle)

snatch, snatch pull, back squat, stretch

Kettlebell WOD

– Primal movement warmup and mobility
– Front Squat and clean skill work. Basically working on “armour building” skills.
– Swing ladder to finish up the class.