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Like we’ve been saying in classes: LET’S KEEP EACH OTHER SAFE AND HEALTHY!

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY! You’re an adult- don’t be gross and don’t skip something so important. In fact, practice good hygiene and do it before and after your workout. Also regularly shower, hydrate, wear clean clothes, and do things that put you in a good mood, etc.
  2. WIPE DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Before and after. Maybe wipe something else as a bonus just in case- the shortage of antibac wipes in the area means that these shouldn’t be wasted on a single wipe. Be smart and economic so we can get through this together.
  3. WHEN IN DOUBT, STAY AT HOME! Don’t come into the gym if you’re sick. Your fitness, while important, only improves if you can allow the body through the stress/recovery cycle. Being sick is the stress so you don’t need more. Exercising would only risk getting better. Do what’s best for your health and our community. You can always work out at home.

If you were traveling abroad then maybe chill out for a couple of days to make sure you’re not carrying something that could be shared.

Our official statement on current events will be coming to your inbox shortly.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 3/4/2020

20:00 to build to a heavy set of:
5 hang power cleans
5 power cleans
5 shoulder-to-overheads
5 thrusters

then SLIPS and gymnastics skills work. Post-workout will be a coach-led mobility flow and if you’d like, The THICCCening!

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The end of the current Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycle ends this week. Today you get a taste of what athletes work on in those programs.

Click here or the photo above to register for the next Foundation Barbell cycle.

If you’re on the fence, don’t worry. Next week we’ll have a chance to establish some maxes and truly see if you want to focus on these lifts.


+ The 1RM Is Dead – T-Nation

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 6/14

hang snatch + snatch, then establish a heavy snatch

snatch pulls 3x2x105. :90 rests between sets.

back squats 3x5x80-85. 2:00 rests. Last set should be for maximum reps (minimum of 5). Focus on speed up.

Post attendance to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – Special Edition 6am & 5:30pm

Laps, movement patterns

E3MOM x 3
– 25 burpees
– 15 ball slams

E3MOM x 3
– 20 burpees
– 20 ball slams

E3MOM x 3
– 15 burpees
– 25 ball slams


HIIT WOD – 12pm

6 rounds of each cycle

Every 2 mins
10 burpees
10 sandbag cleans
Rest 1 min

Every 2 mins
10 tuck jumps
10 sandbag squats
Rest 1 min

Every 2 mins
10 grasshoppers
10 moutain climbers
10 sandbag thrusters

Foundations 5 WOD

Panic Breathing
500-400-300-200-100 rows for time while partner holds double kb rack position

Post time and partner to whiteboard!

Do you have adequate shoulder mobility? Do you have excellent shoulder mobility?

Test it with the Z-Press! Sit on the ground with your legs locked out and together. Take a loaded implement and press it up and back to full lockout.

Isabel doing a Z-Press with a bumper plate


+ How I Got My Kids to Love Broccolli – CrossFit Journal

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5/23


EMOM for 30 min perform:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

If you fall behind the clock keep going but reduce each exercise by two reps (3/8/13).

Compare to 13NOV2015, 21AUG2015. Post results to comments!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 2/3

hang clean 85+/1 (3)
4 front squats + 1 jerk 90+/1 (2)

good morning 3×6
side bend 3×12/side
dips 3×15
bonus: max back ext hold

Powerlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 2/3

bench press 60/5, 75/5, 85/3, 95/1+

good morning 5×10
toes-to-bar 3×15
tricep opener complex 5×5

Get ready for some high-volume shenanigans!

David wearing a GoRuck ruck backwards during a Pregnant WOD

Today would be a great day to try some rounds wearing a weight vest or a ruck on your body if you plan to do MURPH with us on Memorial Day.


+ The Science Behind Compression Technology For Performance Recovery – Dr. John Rusin

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 5/17


5 rounds, for total time:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats

Rest precisely 3:00 between each round.

Post time to whiteboard!


Every 3 mins for 15 mins

15 cal row
15 burpees


Every 3 mins for 15 mins

15 cal air bike
15 1 arm db overhead lunge steps


Every 3 mins for 15 mins

1 gym length weighted rope pulls
1 gym length 1 arm front rack kb carry (right)
1 gym length 1 arm front rack kb carry (left)
1 gym length weighted rope pulls