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This coming Saturday we have a special SHADOW BOXING class for the FCF community, lead by one of our own, Manny!

Emmanuel (Manny) Papoutsakis started training in Krav Maga over 10 years ago and is Level 3 Silver certified through Krav Maga Alliance. He has many years of experience as an instructor teaching both classes and seminars at other locations before he moved to Seattle. He reached out to us with the following:

“I wanted to give back to Foundation CrossFit and share with the community a workout that has helped me get through this quarantine. I’ll teach you some of the basic components of self-defense, such as fighting stance, movement, and punching combinations. We will put those techniques together into a fun workout that includes shadow boxing and various bodyweight movements!”

Krav Maga is the official self defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Force and is used by law enforcement agencies around the world. This is a self defense for the modern world, training you to deal with real life situations using techniques that can be learned and quickly mastered by anyone, regardless of age, size or previous training.

See here for some background!

SESSION for Thursday 5/7/2020


a.  Joint Prep
Wrist Mobility
Dynamic Wrist Mobility
Ankle Circles
Seiza Sitting

b. 7:00 of freestyle Jump Rope variations

c.  Double Under Practice
3 rounds of :30 each
– single-single-double under
– single-double under
– double unders

d.  Dumbbell Practice
3x building weight/reps and complexity
3-5 hang cleans
3-5 front squats
3-5 thrusters


for consistency
35 double unders
12-15 double dumbbell hang squat cleans, medium weight
1:00 rest
x 3, then

35 double pogo hop (total and lateral)
12-15 double dumbbell thrusters, medium weight
1:00 rest
x 3, then

as slowly as possible d0 30 or so dragon flags


Penguin Jumps and use a loaded backpack as a weight.


– 2:00 jog in place
– 1:00 hips of glory/side
– 2:00 passive bottom of squat

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Endurance-Bias)

HSPU Strength Ladder: EMOM x6 do 1-2-1 reps

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