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Team Hurts So Good from FCFio2018


Here’s a lookahead at this week:

Complex FRAN was the Age-Divison final workout at the 2018 CrossFit Games. We’ll do 100 dips for time followed by some sprint intervals on the rower. On Wednesday we do a weightlifting workout to get a taste of a Barbell class (for those who’ve never taken one). A new take on a recent workout we did on a Saturday. A retest of the first Open workout from 2017. A triplet team workout on Saturday. Then we’ll close it out with a cardio/midline/stability workout.

We’ll be back to our normally-scheduled daily posts as well.


It’s test week! Make sure all your ducks are in a row: rest/recovery, nutrition, mental & emotional health, and of course, your goals!

Olympic Weightlifting

– 1x week: snatch max, clean & jerk max
– 2x week: snatch max on Day 1, clean & jerk max on Day 2
– 3x week, snatch and clean & jerk max on Day 1, snatch max on Day 2, clean & jerk max on Day 3


– Monday: back squat max, sumo deadlift max
– Wednesday: power clean max, bench press max
– Friday: press max, deadlift max