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IN GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 2/6/2021

a. Warmup

for 8-12 minutes all with a single DB/KB
30 Skip Overs
:30 Goblet Squat Hold
20 slam ball
20 arch-ups
20 swings
5/5 1-arm Deadlift
5/5 Tall kneeling 1-arm press

b. Strength

EMOM do 1-2-1 pullups for 5 rounds, then

c. Conditioning

for time:
500m row
20 alt DB snatch
30 hanging leg raise
20 alt DB snatch
500m row

Rest 2:00 and repeat. How many times can you get through this in 40:00? DB should be 20/35/50lbs or slightly heavier. Hanging leg raise can be any range of leg coming up, but preferably try knees-to-elbows or toes-to-bar. Post total rounds to whiteboard.

d. Stretch

1:00 standing straddle
:30 Cossack, L
:30 Cossack, R
1:00 Kneeling hip stretch, L
1:00 Kneeling hip stretch, R
1:00 Plow

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