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SKILLS for Thursday 1/13/2022 is SHOULDER-TO-OVERHEAD (presses and jerks)

CONDITIONING for Thursday 1/13/2022

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 8/17/2021

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Who enjoyed yesterday’s retest (“KRONOS”) and test (100 snatches)? We’ll see if we can’t get your comfort with that dumbbell up in this upcoming cycle.

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 4/20/2021


max reps in 10:00
10 deadlifts
20 pushups
30 Russian twists

Post score to comments!

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Taken early last year during one of our last Community Classes

We know that a number of people are ready to get into the gym for the first time in a long time, or that you may have been referred to us by friends or members of the gym. We also know that we haven’t had any FOUNDATIONS On-Ramp classes in a while.

Well the wait is over! We have a new series of classes coming for the uninitiated and the experienced alike!

We’d like to present SKILLS. We’ll have a rotation of six classes with a focus on improving at least one lift: deadlift, clean, back squat, shoulder-to-overhead, bench press, and snatch. Along with the lifts you’ll be introduced to different ways of warming up, and each class will also involve a conditioning workout that may or may not leave you panting hard.

Been in the gym for a while? Then you can still attend- our coaches know how to get you to the next level and you may possibly set a PR during these classes.

More details coming soon!

CONDITIONING for Monday 2/8/2021


max reps in 10 minutes:
10 double dumbbell deadlifts
20 pushups
30 Russian twists

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