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Power the kettlebell swings through your legs locking and butt squeezing under.

You should look like this: good posture and low shoulders at the top of your swing.

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Tuesday 2/16/2021

a. Warmup

2 rounds of
2:00 row
2:00 burpee complex (pushup + bottom-only-burpee + burpee)
2:00 slam ball + pogo hop
2:00 inchworm + scorpion + pushup

then BURGENER WARMUP. 3-5 reps of each:
Elbows High & Outside (High Pull)
Muscle Snatch (Turnover)
Snatch Landing
Hang Power Snatch

b. Strength

EMOMx5 do 1-2-1 pullups, as strict as possible

EMOM x 15 do a power snatch + snatch

Add 2 pause OHS at the end of each set.

c. Conditioning

AMRAP in 20:00
20 kb swings
10 kb push press (s2o)
5 pullups

Post results to your journal or post to comments!

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