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WORKOUT for Friday 6/18/2021


5-8 reps each, repeated until told otherwise:
3-part pausing muscle clean
Push press
Good morning
Bent Over Row
Burpee over bar

then the HSPU Strength Ladder of 5 sets of 1-2-1 reps

Nov – Strict Pushup, (Banded) Mountain-Butt Pushup, Pike Pushup
Int – Pike Pushup, One-leg Pike Pushup, HSPU Negative
Adv – HSPU Negative, 2/1 ab-mats HSPU (strict > kip), Parallette”


every 90 seconds for 8 sets
– high hang clean + at-knee clean + from the floor clean


for total reps completed:
Tabata squats
Tabata pullups
Tabata pushups
Tabata situps
Tabata speed skaters

Rest 1:00 between tabata intervals. Post scores to whiteboard!

WATCH: Let’s see who’s going to Tokyo for Olympic Weightlifting