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CONDITIONING for Friday 12/18/2020


AMRAP in 12:00
3-6-9-12-15-etc of
Devil’s press

Ideally you’re using a pair of dumbbells but you can use a single implement as well (just alternate hands every rep!) so do what you can. Feel free to use your weight as a situp anchor. Post total reps completed to comments!

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WATCH: Follow along with today’s workout here


CONDITIONING for Thursday 9/10/2020


EMOM x 40:00
a. 40 toe taps
b. 20 v-ups
c. 10 pogo burpees
d. 5 SDHP
e. 40 shoulder taps
f. 20 leg lifts
g. 10 T-pushups
h. 5 hang clean & jerks

Adjust loading and reps as necessary. We’re essentially looking for :20 to :40 of work each round. Post results to comments!

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