Gym Update


We regret to inform you that effective immediately Adrian is no longer a coach of Foundation CrossFit. We appreciate the time we had with him, his passion for Olympic Weightlifting, and his assistance in developing our Foundation Barbell Club. We wish Adrian all the best in his future endeavors.

During this transitional time, our focus remains on you, our athletes, and providing you a great fitness experience.

What changes can you expect?

Other than seeing a different face coaching your mid-day and evening Olympic Weightlifting classes, you will see no immediate changes. We will be adjusting coaching schedules accordingly to provide coverage for all our regularly scheduled classes.

Thank you for registering for the current Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycles. There are a large number of you ready for big weights – with that said we need to be proficient with space so make sure you and your partners stay focused on your work. If you’re in early, hit your personal accessories and stretches. Get your snatch positional stretches specifically if you’re in Olympic Weightlifting.

If you’d like a PDF of the current program please email