Maia doing some farmer’s carries

SESSION for Wednesday 5/6/2020


Joint Prep for 10:00 with particular attention to wrists, shoulder and hips

Wrist Mobility
Dynamic Wrist Mobility
Elevated Samson Stretch

Cossack Squats
Inside Squats

then 3 rounds, increasing in intensity and speed every round
12 speed skaters (total)
12 forward lunge steps (total)
12 sit ups
4 push ups
4 wide push ups
4 narrow push ups


for quality

accumulate 50 pike pushups
*Start and EMOM – 3-5 shooter pushups

then accumulate 50 (25/side) 1-arm z-press @ 31X1 tempo
*Start and EMOM – 20 flutter kicks

then accumulate 50 v-ups
*Start and EMOM – 20 plank run steps

Each movement needs to be done to the highest quality possible.  The EMOMs add to raise heart rates, practice stabilization under duress, and give athletes a short break between sets. Shoot for about 10-15 reps each set.


5:00 frog stretch
10-20 supine scorpions
10-20 prone scorpions

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

100 banded high pulls
150 banded tricep extensions
200 banded bicep curls
AMRAP in 3:00 banded sumo deadlift high pulls

HSPU Strength Ladder: EMOM x 5 do 1-2-1 reps

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