Raise your hands if you’re legs feel those Rocket Launchers!

SESSION for Cinco de Mayo Tuesday 5/5/2020


a. Joint Prep, with particular attention to hinge and hip movements
b. Movement patterns – Make sure inch worms, drinking birds, hopping, and squatting are emphasized.

3 rounds, increasing in intensity and speed every round
5 air squats
5 pushups
5 situps
5 dive-bomber pushups
5 hip thrusts


3 rounds for time:
15 hand-release single-arm deadlift/side (heavy)
15 pogo burpees
15 double-hand shoulder squats/side (heavy)

NO EQUIPMENT OPTION: Load up a backpack and use it as a weight!

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

3 rounds of Bicep curl 21s (7+7+7) then 100 band behind-the-neck presses

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute for 5 rounds do 1-2-1 reps

Here’s the Workout Prep video for 2020 0504:


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WATCH: A follow-along workout you can do at home!

2 replies
  1. Kaia
    Kaia says:

    I’m a bit unclear on what a double-hand shoulder squat’s supposed to be and the internet’s giving me different answers. : / Is that basically just a squat with two dumbbells?

  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    Hey Kaia! It’s a squat with a weight on one shoulder, with two hands for stability.
    From Dave:
    The double hand shoulder squats are intended to allow the athlete to up the weight that they are squatting. If the weight is in the front rack for example the limiter will be the shoulder strength to maintain that position. With the bell on top of the shoulder, the athlete can do more weight because the weight is supported on the whole body, not just the front rack. Double hand is for safety so the bell doesn’t move too much and accidentally force poor positions.

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