Saturday 6/13

Big thanks to all of the members who were able to attend our Town Hall Meeting this past Thursday.


*UPDATE* We’ve moved the notes to Thursday’s post comments! Since then we’ve had numerous discussions on what our community means to us, had more time to reflect what’s important to us.

We have a more definitive message that we will share tomorrow.

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We love our community and can’t wait to get back to training

We have HIIT on YouTube Live at 10am:

WORKOUT for Saturday 6/13/2020

AMRAP in 25:00
800m run
30 rollover burpee
30 front squats

AMRAP in 25:00
800m run
30 hang cleans
30 front squats

Post times and equipment to comments!


As we have been having the hard conversations and looking inward, what are you doing to be ANTI-RACIST? Learning from social media is probably not the best idea so check out this extensive list of resources and begin reading something today.

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