Sunday 6/21/2020

Yoga with Ivan will celebrate the solstice today. The internet stream isn’t strong enough so we’ll run a recorded session from Central Washington!

WORKOUT for Sunday 6/21/2020

12:00 AMRAP of
backpack thrusters, medium-heavy weight
200m run OR 30 Penguin jumps OR 10 calorie row

Equipped Option:
12:00 AMRAP of
thrusters, 44/30/20kg
10 calorie row OR 35 double unders OR 200m run

Post total thrusters to comments!

RESEARCH: How many Black faces have you talked to since the protests began? How many people of color have you had meaningful conversations with?

If your circle doesn’t contain too many BIPOC, or if you have a hard time talking about racial injustice maybe check out Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Featuring Emmanuel Acho, former NFL linebacker and current analyst for Fox Sports, he grew up in a family who was involved in African missionary work since he was a child and continues to this day.

WATCH: Episode 1 of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man