Sunday 9/21

Some notes:

  1. Ivan is out on the road, creating more content for FOUNDATION. Here’s a 45 minute Vinyasa flow for everyone. We’ll be returning to live sessions in October when he returns.
  2. Yoga and HIIT classes do not count against your monthly membership allotment but you need to reserve your spot in order to participate in the lives classes. The bigger the audience, the more we’ll be able to produce in the future!
  3. Also starting in October we’ll be adding to our schedule: “Cardio/EMOM” conditioning classes with Dave on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  4. Air quality is still bad so the last Miles with Miles Challenge is still postponed. Do some yoga indoors to recover better, work on flexibility and balance, and clear your headspace.

YOGA for Sunday 9/21/2020

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