Monday 5/17

The 2019 MURPH athletes at Foundation

If you’re planning to participate in MURPH on Memorial Day, maybe bring your plate carrier/weight vest/ruck in so you can begin practicing movements as you’ll do them that Monday. Speaking of which, RSVPs for that day are already open!

We’ll have a set of 5 lanes as we currently run them, and another class with a cap of 10 which will not have dedicated lanes, but should respect social distancing rules.

WORKOUT for Monday 5/17/2021


Until told otherwise repeat the following:
250m row
20 air squats
10 pushups
5 pullups

Feel free to work on the basics like kipping, arch body, different stances. Also variations like pistols, chest-to-bar/muscle-ups, handstand pushups, etc.


Starting with an empty bar LIFT every minute on the minute for as long as possible
– begin with SNATCHES until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice
– move onto CLEANS until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice
– finish with DEADLIFTS until you hit a max-for-the-day or miss thrice

Make sure the lifts happens on the beep, change weights immediately, then use the remainder of the interval to rest. Be mindful of jumps to allow yourselves plenty of reps as preparation. Chase solid technique and the weight will come!

Post heaviest loads for all three lifts to whiteboard/comments!

WATCH: Our weekly Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout