Tuesday 9/27

SKILLS for Tuesday 9/27/2022 is the SNATCH

CompEx for Tues 9/27

strict press- single for the day, gymnastics volume

5 rounds for time:
2 legless rope climbs or 6 strict pullups
200m run
10 bench press, 43/57/84kg
200m run

Gymnastics for Tues 9/27

12 sets EMOM
a. :30 handstand
b. 6+ strict pullups

:30 on, :10 off for 8 rounds: V-up + weighted Superman

Olympic Weightlifting for Tues 9/27

general early prep, midline warmup, barbell warmup

3-position (power, below knee, floor) power snatch + snatch

jerk balance with rereack

jerk (pause in dip) + jerk + jerk (pause in receiving)

below knee hang power clean + clean + front squat

back squats + vertical jumps, Pendlay row + strict press, weighted plank + weighted side plank + straight-leg box jump

KETTLEBELL for Tues 9/27