Friday 10/28

Champagne Saturday tomorrow!

We’ll have some light refreshments and more for all our athletes at all of our classes to celebrate our team.

WORKOUT for Friday 10/28/2022

Strict press max, then 3 sets of 3 @80-85%, then

“CGO 12.1”
as many target burpees (6″) as possible in 7 minutes!

Post max and time to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Fri 10/28

4-5 rounds
8 devil press
20 pogo hops
20 Gorilla row
1:00 rest
8 devil press
20 pogo hops
30 alternating hammer curls
1:00 rest

BODYBUILDING for Fri 10/28

6 rounds for each exercise do :45 work, :45 rest

a1. Viper press
a2. one-arm row, heavy (alternate sides each round)

b1. BtN snatch-grip push press + hold
b2. Meadows row (alternate sides each round)

c1. wide-grip pullup negatives
c2. DB hammer curls

d1. pausing Z-press
d2. crush-grip KB RDL + bent over row

GYMNASTICS for Fri 10/28

core, stretching, handstand/headstand test

E2MOM x18
a. :30 handstand skill
b. 10+ kipping skill