Sunday 12/11: Programming in Preview

MOBILITY for Sunday 12/11/2022

Generally when it comes to programming through the holidays I want to keep things a tad more simple because we’ll have those who are well into travel, interrupting their regular training, tons of visitors, and the general lack of consistency.

Monday you’ll max out your front squat then retest the benchmark “ANDI”, doing 100 reps of four different exercises, which we last did 9/2/22, 10/8/21, and 1/26/21.

On Weightlifting Wednesday we’re working an alternating clean complex before a row/overhead squat couplet. This workout has a built-in rest period so the goal there is to go full-send on each attempt. Really important to know what the high-power, short time domain to help balance out all the longer, lower-powered workouts you’re used to. Think 15 minutes or more.

For Champagne Friday we’ll max out our shoulder presses before a 30 muscle-up/60 bar muscle-up/100 pullup retest (YAY NO BURPEES THIS TIME). Where is your pulling capacity at and what goals does this set for 2023?

Then on Saturday we have our annual Christmas-time workout: the 12 Days of CrossFit. It’s a chipper done in cumulative song format and it’s fun as hell. A tradition started by the first-ever CrossFit affiliate CrossFit North (which eventually turned into Level 4 CrossFit Seattle) and continued by us! And if you happen to miss out on this we’ll be doing it again on Wednesday 12/28.