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Like we’ve been saying in classes: LET’S KEEP EACH OTHER SAFE AND HEALTHY!

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY! You’re an adult- don’t be gross and don’t skip something so important. In fact, practice good hygiene and do it before and after your workout. Also regularly shower, hydrate, wear clean clothes, and do things that put you in a good mood, etc.
  2. WIPE DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Before and after. Maybe wipe something else as a bonus just in case- the shortage of antibac wipes in the area means that these shouldn’t be wasted on a single wipe. Be smart and economic so we can get through this together.
  3. WHEN IN DOUBT, STAY AT HOME! Don’t come into the gym if you’re sick. Your fitness, while important, only improves if you can allow the body through the stress/recovery cycle. Being sick is the stress so you don’t need more. Exercising would only risk getting better. Do what’s best for your health and our community. You can always work out at home.

If you were traveling abroad then maybe chill out for a couple of days to make sure you’re not carrying something that could be shared.

Our official statement on current events will be coming to your inbox shortly.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 3/4/2020

20:00 to build to a heavy set of:
5 hang power cleans
5 power cleans
5 shoulder-to-overheads
5 thrusters

then SLIPS and gymnastics skills work. Post-workout will be a coach-led mobility flow and if you’d like, The THICCCening!

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We’re done with November, believe it or not!

Last week of November workouts include a thruster/s2o complex, “SWING SET”, 5 & 15 (burpees, handstand walks, t2b, box jumps), push press/k2e followed by some bench pressing, then lots of lifting for the weekend: hang snatches, hang cleans, 3-rep front squats, back squat max, bench press max, deadlift max, we have the in-house weightlifting meet to find your max snatch/clean & jerk/total (sign up below), and whatever the metcon from the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff will be!

Other things to keep in mind:
– Thanksgiving is over, so less stuffing your face, more squeezing your muscles
– FCF BINGO COMES BACK THIS WEEK! Lots of prizes to give away, so win some lines!
– this weekend is our in-house weightlifting meet and you should see what it’s like to compete
– We will release the entirety of December’s programming in a tidy PDF for you to come plan your training for the month. Get a taste of all the different class types we offer! Check back sometime Wednesday/Thursday.
– December class schedule change-ups: no weightlifting classes for the entire month, but there will be some technique seminars in the second half of the month.
– New Olympic Weightlifting classes and cycles come back Monday, January 8th
– December Sunday class schedule is now 9am HIIT, 9am CrossFit, 10am Mobility, 10am CrossFit, 11am CompEx, 11am CrossFit
The 2017 CrossFit Liftoff is this weekend! Perfect if you’re planning to compete: you can do the in-house meet on Saturday for your lifts, then come to any CrossFit class on Sunday to get the metcon entered in.


+ Bryan Fogel, director of ICARUS – The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schapp

watch ICARUS on Netflix.

CrossFit WOD for Monday 11/27

7 sets to establish a max weight for the following complex:
thruster + push press + push jerk + split jerk

Post max load to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 4/4, Day 1/3

There’s still room for our in-house weightlifting meet this Saturday! Sign up now!

power snatch + push press + snatch, snatch, accessories for prep

Kettlebell WOD

Primal movement

Shoulder stability

Getup skill work

Swings to finish