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This coming Sunday is National Coming Out Day and a number of our team plan to participate in a BURPEE-A-THON to raise funds for OUTAthletics! We’ve worked with them before for OUTwod and am excited to sweat on their behalf again!


By the time of this posting we have already doubled our initial goal, so why not help us triple it?!

DONATE HERE: https://charity.pledgeit.org/t/QD8Y2xSfCP

Feel free to sponsor the coaches as well! Team Andrew and Team David (current Worldwide fundraiser!) and Team Robyn and Team Ron and Team Scott and Team Tony!

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 10/7/2020


AMRAP in 12:00
24 alternating lunges
12 hand-release pushups

For an added challenge add load to one or both of the movements. Post score to comments!

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If you didn’t notice, we’re going to take a break on our regular social media postings for the week. You’ll still get all the fitness-related things from us here and on our youtube.


Did you know: We added a 6:30pm HIIT class for tonight!

WORKOUT for Wednesday 6/3/2020

3 rounds for max total reps
:40 of front lunges, :20 rest
:40 of v-ups, :20 rest
:40 of jumping lunges, :20 rest
:40 of weighted situps, :20 rest
:40 of goblet squats, :20 rest
2:00 rest

Post total completed reps to comments! Use this timer.

As there is quite a lot of rest in this workout the idea is to keep the intensity high. It’s as if we doubled a normal tabata interval for longer sets but also longer rests. Remember: tabata is supposed to be true full work the entire interval, no stopping early & no pacing for maximum benefit.

Partially/Full Equipped? Front squat should be a light bar (think 43/29/20kg), weighted situp should be 20/15/10kg on your chest, and the goblet squat would be your go-to kettlebell weight (24/16/12kg?). Can obviously be done with a lighter odd-object if necessary.

2nd Serving- Need More Work?

every minute on the minute for 30:00 do one snatch

If you have a barbell and weights, this is an opportunity to focus on your power and technique PER rep. Quality over quantity here. If you are doing this with bells or an odd-object you can think of the same goals, but maybe do 2-3 reps per side each time.

HSPU Strength Ladder: complete one round of 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 reps

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