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Day 11 of the 12 Days of FOUNDATION: Do 11 thrusters

Or do 11 thrusters, 10 Devil’s press, 9 situps, 8 burpees, 7 high pulls, 6 v-ups, 5-second handstand, 4 hang squat cleans, 3 handstand/hand-release pushups, 2 wall walks, and a 100m run

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 12/30/2020


EMOM x 21:00
– 21 (kettlebell) high pulls
– 14 (kettlebell-facing) burpees
– 14 (kettlebell) swings

Adjust the volume as needed depending on your equipment. Goal is to work just past the :30 mark of every minute, resting and catching your breath before the next minute’s exercises. Post results to comments!

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WATCH: Today’s workout in video form!

CONDITIONING for Monday 12/14/2020


3 rounds for max reps
1:30 work, :30 rest
hang power clean

We’re using a sandbag in the workout, but you can use anything at your disposal. Post reps and object used to comments!

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WATCH: Follow-along with today’s workout. In this video we’ll run through the skills, the workout, and a cool down stretching sequence.