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CONDITIONING for Sunday 9/6/2020

2 rounds:
200-400-800-400-200m runs

Rest as needed between rounds. Each effort should be high-intensity, but controlled. You may try a full-out sprint for the last 200m effort at the end of each round.

Post results to comments.

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And off we go into a proper test/retest cycle! Today’s work is the benchmark off which we’ll measure our progress through the summer, so notes will be a lot deeper on the blog. Just remember that you’ll benefit greatly from getting face time with coaches on Zoom!

That said here’s a view of “Lane 3” aka the “Foundation Barbell” platform:

We have the gym set up in lanes in preparation of our eventual reopening! All the equipment is already in each lane/zone/pod.

WORKOUT for Monday 6/1

On a running clock do

tabata front squats (:20 work/:10 rest, x 4:00), rest until 5:00 on the clock then

max burpees in 7:00

Post total front squats and burpees completed to comments! Compare previous efforts here. Stay fit, stay home, stay healthy. F*ck racism.

Unlike the “traditional” CrossFit-style tabata protocol, today we are counting total front squats completed. When front squatting use an object that makes you grunt when tired- this could be a loaded backpack, a luggage, hell- even a piece of furniture works in a pinch. If you absolutely cannot find anything to use then you should attack this with bottom-to-bottom tabata squats.

Burpee: For a proper retest of your past efforts jumping and touching an object 6″ out of standing reach would be the proper end of each rep. If you don’t have access to keep your jump consistent then just ensure that you are airborne vertically at the end.

Kinda/Fully Equipped? Make those front squats about 43/29/20kg and max out that :20 every time.

Quiet Neighbor Option: Try step burpees! Step back into the plank position then do the most strict pushup you’ve got before stepping up into a standing position and getting up onto the balls of your feet with arms overhead. That’s one rep. It’s not a quick movement, but we get to challenge your strength a lot more.

2nd Serving: Need More Work?

3-5 rounds
21s front delt raise
21s bicep curls
2:00 rest

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute x6 do 1-2-1 reps of your best handstand pushup progression

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WATCH: Miles with Miles Challenge. Coming to you next week!

Miles has the next challenge coming up! Details soon…

SESSION for Glace Wednesday 5/13/2020


a. Joint Prep – 8 mins
Particular attention to wrists, shoulder and hip caps

Wrist Mobility

Dynamic Wrist Mobility

(Elevated) Samson Stretch

Cossack Squats

Inside Squats


3 rounds of
– 12 speed skaters (total)
– 12 forward lunge steps (total)
– 12 sit ups
– 12 pushups (4 standard-grip 4 wide-grip, 4 narrow grip)


for quality

– accumulate 60 pike pushups (start and EMOM 3-5 shooter pushups)
– then accumulate 60 1-arm z-press @ 31X1 (start and EMOM 20 flutter kicks)
– then accumulate 60 v-ups (start and EMOM 20 plank run steps)
Each movement needs to be done to the highest quality possible.  The EMOMs add to raise heart rates, practice stabilization under duress, and give athletes a short break between sets. Shoot for about 10-15 reps each set to break down the 60s. Scale target numbers as needed.

NO EQUPMENT? NO PROBLEM! Use a backpack filled up with stuff.


2:00 Hip Bridge, focusing on glute activation and hips stretching
3:00 Pike Stretch, focusing on hip activation and posterior chain stretching

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

150 perfect pushups. Absolutely no bending or breaking. Control down and come back to full elbow lockout.

120 face pulls with a light band
90 band bicep curls
60 band high pull
30 band bicep curls (more tension this time)

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute x6 do 1-2-1 reps of handstand pushups, or your best progression

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WATCH: Follow-Along Workout video premiere – 40min EMOM!


Remember muscle-ups?!

Event 2 of the SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BOX FUNDRAISER from CrossFit HQ will be released later today! Join us at 4:30pm live on YouTube and Instagram to see Andrew do the workout.

You can still register for the event and 100% of your choose-your-own-registration-fee goes directly to the affiliate(s) of your choosing!

WORKOUT for Friday 4/10/2020

as many rounds and reps as possible in 24 minutes:
15 dips (off chair or couch)
18 squat thrusts
21 speed skaters
24 opposite-elbow-to-knee sit-ups

Post total rounds plus reps to comments!

2nd Serving: Need More Work? (Endurance-bias)

Warmup with 5:00 at an easy pace. 3:00 active rest doing joint prep.

10 x 100m run at your 1-mile PR pace. :30 rest.
(150m row/ski of 2k PR pace, .3km of 5km PR pace)

Rest 3:00 then repeat for a total of 3 cycles. Warm down with 5:00 at an easy pace.

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute for 5 minutes do 1-2-1

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… and that means another round of staff nutrition thoughts!


Ron’s Goals
Gain an extra 10 lbs of clean, lean muscle. I drink 40-50 oz of water a day. Go to bed at 9/9:30pm and up around 5:30/6am

Ron’s Food Choices
Potatoes, rice, noodles, vegetables (love Brussels sprouts), fruit (typically grapefruit, blueberries, or raspberries), peanut butter, coffee, typically a macaron or two a day before working out.

I avoid red meat, foods with high added sugar count, foods with high preservatives or refined ingredients, highly processed foods. That said coconut ice cream is my kryptonite. I go in spurts. If I have to have it I’ll buy a pint and shave an even layer off each night. Typically lasts at least a week this way.

Chili is my favorite food, love making protein balls as a snack, macarons are my favorite sweet, addicted to espresso thanks to my fiancé André.

Ron’s Eating Habits
Breakfast first thing for fuel to start, my lunch is typically two hours before working out, my dinner is normally an hour after working out, and whenever I’m hungry in between. Normally over 3,000 calories a day total.

Ron’s Last Thoughts
The type of food you take in enables health & body function. Food fuels training when done correctly and at the correct times.


Miles’ Entire Take
I like to think that my relationship with food is less dysfunctional than your average American but I’m far, far, far away from perfect. Being a tall and skinny guy it’s always been easier for me to lose weight than gain it, so my eating habits over the years have been a constant battle to eat enough to maintain my weight alongside a moderate amount of lifting and training.

I’d really like to eat an additional 1,000 calories per day, with a diet full of healthy carbs and lots of protein. That, however, requires discipline, and when I’m just “getting by” I’m not as motivated to change!

The bare truth: my days almost always have one or two healthy meals (spinach smoothies, chicken and veggie dinner) packed in them, but in between I eat a lot of crap! Snacks, candies, empty carbs, fast food, frozen food, pancakes. Ice cream is definitely my kryptonite, and my method of avoidance is to just not buy it (unless its on sale at the store…). Also, I almost always eat at a caloric deficit.

I eat almost anything, I’m not picky, though my favorite recipes are often the easy ones: meaty stews during the winter and cold chip-dipping snacks in the summer (ceviche!!!). I eat at almost any time of the day. It all starts with my sleep: My sleep habits have never been consistent, with many nights staying up well past midnight and getting an average of 5-6 hours per night. The average color of my pee is a custard yellow. I need more water. See what I mean about being far from perfect?

I know it all starts with diet, and I want to get that hammered down. When I’m at a calorie deficit or my tummy is full of crap, my training at the gym suffers. And my mood. I must and want to eat more and better food!

Tony and Ryan aka “Moonboots”
Nathan and Kelsi

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 2/5/2020

for time:
70 burpees
60 sit-ups
50 kettlebell swings, 24/16/12kg
40 pull-ups
30 overhead kettlebell lunges, 24/16/12kg

Performance does
for time:
70 target burpees, 6″
50 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 32/24kg
40 chest-to-bar pull-ups
30 overhead kettlebell lunges, 32/24/16kg

Share time to whiteboard. Post-workout is an easy walk/jog around the block to flush out that metabolic waste from the workout. Hips of Glory then Super Pigeon 1:00/position/side then Seated Shoulder Extension for as long as you can bear it.

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Miles and Dave

There’s much more control needed when using a pair of bells rather than a barbell.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 11/20

back squat 5x5x65%, then 100 double bell step-ups for time.

Use 2×24/16/12kg kettlebells or 2×50/35/20lbs dumbbells to a 24/20/16″ box. Post time to whiteboard!

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