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CONDITIONING for Monday 10/5/2020


3 rounds for max total reps, 1:00 stations of:
pogo hops
Devil’s press

Post results to comments!

READ: New Sugar Limits Urged to Curb Obesity – The Food Institute

Green Team!

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 7/23

for time:
10 snatch, 60/35
20 hang cleans, 70/45kg
30 front squats, 80/55kg
40 deadlifts, 90/65kg

Use one barbell. Post time to whiteboard.

CompEx WOD, 5:50am

Barbell skill warmup into clean & jerk on-the-minute lifts.

for time:
4 thrusters, 1 rope climb
8 thrusters, 2 rope climbs
12 thrusters, 3 rope climbs

10:00 cap.

accessories: good am, strict pullups, db rows, mb chest pass, lateral raises, etc.

Mobility, 6:30pm

stretch hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings. tissue mobilization for TFL, piriformis, infraspinatus, traps, triceps.


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