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Stacey receiving a snatch just outside of the squat to then control it through the entire range of motion

CrossFit WOD for Monday, August 26th

overhead/front squat 8×3

21-15-9 reps for time:
hang power clean, 50/35kg

Run 400m to start each round. Post time to whiteboard!

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WATCH: Inside Westside Barbell, Powerlifting’s Most Exclusive and Controversial Gym by VICE Sports

In the dead center of Ohio, inside a dingy warehouse littered with weights and what looks like torture devices lies powerlifting’s most controversial and exclusive gym — Westside Barbell. Founded in 1987 by Louie Simmons, the gym is now a legend in the powerlifting and strength sports world thanks to the methods and training machines Louie has developed, and the 140 plus world records the gym has broke in competition.  However, Louie and some of his lifters hold very unapologetic stances on steroids and their use of them, and this has left the gym mired in controversy.    We traveled to Columbus, Ohio to meet with Louie and some of the lifters at Westside to talk with them about the culture of the gym, Louie’s renowned training methods and their use of performance-enhancing drugs.