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Paul demonstrates a vertical dip with the barbell

Staying rooted in the entirety of the foot during the dip phase of a jerk is important in generating the power necessary to elevate the barbell!


+ Why Toe Shoes? – Birthday Shoes

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 7/19

5 rounds for max load:
5 power cleans
5 front squats
5 push jerks

Rest 3:00 to 5:00 between sets.

Post heaviest successful load to whiteboard!


5 rounds
1 minute intervals
20 jumping jacks
*every 5 jumping jacks, 1 burpee

5 rounds
1 minute intervals
20 Ball slams
*every 5 ball slams, 1 burpee

5 rounds
1 minute intervals
20 Sit ups
*every 5 situps, 1 push up

5 rounds
1 minute intervals
20 Air Squats
*every 5 air squats, 1 broad jump

Endurance WOD – Do this on your own!

TEMPO: 5 rounds of a 5:00 run, 1:00 walk

Start at a pace where you can only get faster, but the intensity and effort stay consistent during the run. Walk to bring your heart rate down and practice a drill to sharpen your next run.

– OR –

TIME: Run continuously for 30:00. Record distance completed.