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IN-GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 1/30/2021

:30 on, :10 off
– Deficit Reverse Lunge
– Ground-to-Overhead
– Russian Twist
– Bump-Facing Burpee
– Calf Raise

Repeat for 3 total rotations.

EMOM do 1-2–1 reps x 5 rounds

DEADLIFT every 90 seconds do 2-3 reps for 15 minutes
– Focus on maximum tension before the pull. TIGHT! If the pull isn’t silent, the tension wasn’t there.
– Double overhand and hook-grip the entire time. Let’s get the thumbs conditioned for this.

50 strict presses for time. Every break do 5 bar-facing burpees
– The barbell starts on the ground, no rack for the workout.
– Can rest overhead or in rack position, but anything else results in a 5 burpee penalty.
– Bar should be loaded to approx 50% of a 1RM. Can also do 45/30/20kg.

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