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We can all communicate via the 5g implants in our bodies now

This Memorial Day we celebrated, honored, and mourned all those who died in performance of their military duties.

Of course, we did MURPH as usual, but celebrated afterwards with those who were fully vaccinated. What a time to test what the classes could look and feel like, not to mention the fun fellowship that followed the workout.

More to come so keep those vax numbers going up! Send in proof via email or bring a picture to the gym and show any staff member.

WORKOUT for Wednesday 6/2/2021


planks and lunges and the return of our strength ladders! We’ll be working on the handstand pushup and all it’s progressions for the next couple of months!


As many reps as possible in 20 minutes:
30 kettlebell swings
40 situps
50 lunges

Post results to whiteboard!


Only 9am, 10am, and 11am classes today!

Tomorrow is the same schedule + an 11am Barbell class.

CrossFit WOD for Independence Day Thursday 7/4

as many rounds as possible in 25:00
150 double unders
50 pushups
15 power cleans, 85/58kg

Post score to whiteboard.


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